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Beautiful music stations onlineWelcome to online source of information about beautiful music and easy listening stations, both over the air and via the internet.

For over thirty years, the beautiful music format was a mainstay on FM radio and was the impetus for the band's rise to popularity. It was the adult contemporary or "soft rock" format of its day, with hundreds of stations across the country programming the format. During those days, it was not unusual to see two, three, or even four beautiful music stations within the same market competing against one another for a share of the easy listening audience. Many times these stations were the #1 stations in their respective markets. Consisting of primarily (and sometimes exclusively) instrumental music, the beautiful music format, more commonly known by some as "elevator music" or "muzak" was, and continues to be, loved by many.

Although the format has all but disappeared on broadcast radio, a few faithful stations remain loyal to the format and their listeners. Many beautiful music stations have since resurfaced on the internet as well. This website is designed to reunite the beautiful music listeners with the music they enjoy. For those of you who have never heard of beautiful music, I invite you to come and learn more of how the beautiful music format forever changed radio.

To sample some selections of beautiful music from our friends at American Beautiful Research (ABR), please select one of the podcasts below:

For a list of beautiful music stations streaming online, please visit our stations page. Thanks again for stopping by!

Did you know...many beautiful music stations streaming online are also available via a wi-fi radio? "Cut the computer strings" and tune into beautiful music on an internet/wi-fi radio!
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